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Ladies and gentlemen!

We value our partners and are always glad to open new horizons for cooperation. You will find a reliable and responsible partner in our Company.

We are pleased to offer you cooperation in different areas:


1. If you own a company with its own fleet of equipment, you can find high-quality oils for commercial vehicles in the “Ekoil” product portfolio.

The transfer from “GOST” oils to Euro 2 and above oils represented in the “Ekoil” product range will allow you to get the most benefit. The benefits of this transfer imply cost advantages by means of reducing the number of maintenance operations. That is achieved by increasing oil life (mileage before oil change) and reducing oil consumption.



2. If you are an owner of a snowmobile, motorcycle, boat with an outboard motor or other equipment with a 2-stroke engine, you can find high-quality 2-stroke oils in our product range.

Prices for “Ekoil” oils are lower than for analogous foreign oils for equipment with 2-stroke engines, but the quality is at the level of foreign analogues.


 3. If you are an entrepreneur or agent, you have the opportunity to work in 2 directions, promoting the “Ekoil” products in the above-mentioned markets.



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Registered partners have access to additional Ekoil product information, certificates, permits and additional cooperation opportunities.

If you have any questions, suggestions or want to register, use the feedback form of the Partner Relationship Department or go to Contacts