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 "Ekoil": a reliable partner

 Company "Ecoil" - a reliable partner  Ekoil has been operating in the lubricants market since 1995 and during that time has gained the trust of many customers. We specialize in the manufacturing and wholesale of high-quality “EKOIL” oils that meet international standards. You can be assured of the “EKOIL” oil quality as we use high-quality raw materials, modern formulations and the latest technology in our production, i.e. modern additives packages produced by INFINEUM (Shell / ExxonMobil) and premium quality mineral / synthetic base stock.

The range of products under the brand “Ekoil” includes oils for different types of gasoline and diesel engines (synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral), gear, flushing, hydraulic oils and oils for two-stroke technology. We supply products to our customers in bulk, in cans and barrels of various sizes.

  Packaging is made according to European standards. Cargo can be delivered to the customer by road or rail (tanks, covered trucks, containers)

“Ekoil” oils have licenses, permits, certificates of the leading equipment manufacturers for their products, which guarantees its high quality. Our products are licensed by the American Petroleum Institute (API). “Ekoil” oils are recommended for use by the leading equipment manufacturers JSC GAZ, JSC ZMA and delivered to the conveyor of such companies as JSC KAMAZ, JSC Russkaya Mekhanika. JSC KAMAZ highly appreciated the quality and reliability of “Ekoil” oil, when it became the first to use it for fuelling the engines of KAMAZ trucks coming off the assembly line. For “Ekoil” transmission oils, permits have been obtained from ZF-group.


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